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Online Retail Brand | Case Study

  • 60% Increase in Online Sales within 6 Months

  • 113% Increase in Total Sales by 12 Months

  • 263% Increase of Online Traffic

  • Increased Revenue from $4,000 to $22,000 per month

  • 600% Return on Investment

  • Marketing Budget $2,000 per month 

As a leading surfboard manufacturer and retailer brand based on the Gold Coast, our client’s goal was to generate more online sales and transition away from functioning primarily as a manufacturer.

Within the first 6 months, Sands Media increased their online sales by over 60%, with total sales directly attributed to our marketing campaigns up by 113% by the end of the first year. Almost 3 years later, Sands Media has increased online traffic to their site by 263% and transformed their online business, which previously generated $4,000 per month, to now $22,000 per month on a Marketing Budget of only $2,000 per month, highlighting a 600% Return on Investment.

Our client was in desperate need for a cost-effective way to reach their target audience and generate more sales, but ultimately lacked the necessary knowledge and resources to do so. Sands Media developed a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy with this idea in mind, centered around Facebook and Google Ads.

Our Search Strategy began by implementing a highly targetable Google Ad campaign called "Performance Max" to reach potential customers through a wide scope of the 'Google Network'. This method enabled us to combine Google Search and Display Ads to approach potential shoppers through visual and text ad components. In conjunction with the use of Google Analytics (to track ad performance), I was then able to adjust and improve campaign performance by altering ad copy, keywords, and running new A/B tests. Through this method, Google Ads has proved to be a high converting avenue for this client, with cost effective traffic, high exposure, and efficient conversion rates.

Our Social Media strategy consisted of awareness-based Facebook campaigns with highly relevant messaging and visuals with the goal of building their online brand presence & showcasing online products through their established Facebook Page. These campaigns were designed to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to purchase products through their online store. Initially, we began uploading products as a Facebook Catalogue within the Commerce Manager, this enabled us to showcase products on our Facebook ad campaigns in a more seamless manner, providing users the accessibility to shop online while still within the Facebook App. With the help of powerful Lookalike Audience targeting, we were able to target high converting consumers who shared behavioural, psychological & demographical similarities to previous shoppers of this brand.

The combination of Facebook and Google Ads has proven to be an effective method for our e-commerce clients, in this case, enabling them to reach their target audience and increase their online store sales by 113% after the first year. To this day, we continue to service this client and are seeing results increase exponentially.

Generate More Sales

I work with multiple E-Commerce & Retail Brands on the Gold Coast. I can boost your sales through effective digital marketing strategies with Facebook & Google Ads. 

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