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Sands Media

Boost your Online Sales and Leads through Data Driven, Research Enhanced Social Media Marketing Campaigns with Jackson Sands


Facebook Advertising

Boost your Online Sales with Facebook Marketing. Achieve Real & Profitable Marketing Outcomes with Powerful AI Targeting.


1. Business Growth

Build a strong digital presence & Grow your business with highly efficient Social Media campaigns that achieve your marketing goal.


4. Conversion Tracking

Integrate pixel conversion tracking across all Social Marketing Campaigns so we can understand your customers purchasing behaviour.

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Instagram Advertising

Grow your Online Brand.

52% of Instagram Users Scroll Through Instagram Stories to Find New Products. Get your Product Found Today.


2. Data Driven Audiences

Boost sales by leveraging existing social media engagement, insights, and user behaviours to develop complex lookalike audiences.


5. Daily Optimisations

Feel at ease knowing I'll be tracking and optimising your campaigns on a daily basis. My optimisations save thousands on wasted ad spend.


LinkedIn Advertising

  Aquire Strong B2B Leads with LinkedIn Marketing. Target Real Businesses & Maximise Qualified Leads for your Business. 


3. Personalised Strategy

Create purposeful, result driven marketing campaigns with research enhanced marketing plans that sell your products and services.


6. Monthly Reporting

Gather your marketing insights with the click of a button. My dashboards & reports provide full transparency on your ad spend and performance.

Boost Your Sales

I work with proud Business Owners and Marketing Managers from some of Australia's largest growing brands. 

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