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Real Estate Agency | Case Study

  • 2000 Qualified Leads per Month

  • 100% Increase in Qualified Leads in the First Year

  • A further 34% increase in Qualified Leads in the Second Year

  • Increased Revenue from $100,000 to $350,000 per month

  • 840% Return on Investment

  • Marketing Budget $20,000 per month 

In 2019, this Real Estate Agency sought to improve their digital performance as they understood (with the shift in the property market) how crucial it was to stay ahead of the curve. While Domain & were staples for any Real Estate agency’s marketing activities, innovative marketing strategies (that generate lead volume) were more important than ever.

Our goal was to generate qualified leads using Facebook Marketing, and within the first year of working with this client, Sands Media significantly increased the number of qualified leads by 100% generating over 2000 qualified leads per month, with an additional 34% increase in the second year. With a marketing budget of only $20,000, Sands Media increased their monthly revenue from $100,000 to $350,000 per month.

Using a combination of interest targeting, lookalike audiences and Facebook targeting algorithms, Sands Media developed multi-targeted lead generation campaigns that captured leads from potential buyers who had recently expressed interest in purchasing other properties on the Gold Coast. Once we captured the qualified lead/potential buyer, we looped the lead back into our lookalike audience "pool" which allowed our Facebook targeting algorithm to better understand who to target (to prospect leads more efficiently). The more leads we generated, the more intelligent our targeting algorithm became, which in turn generated more cost-effective leads for our client.

These highly targeted Lead Generation campaigns established an 840% Return on Investment and continue to be the forefront of our client’s digital marketing strategy. With such an increase to their qualified leads and monthly revenue, Facebook Marketing remains as their primary marketing strategy simply due to the fact their agents have more opportunity to sell with an increased volume of leads and a growing internal database.

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I work with multiple Real Estate Agencies on the Gold Coast, from Raine & Horne, Ray White, Harcourts and more.

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